We can protect water bodies by not polluting it . factories mix all the waste stuff into river s whose water is consumed by the villagers and animals . humans throw all the dead bodies into ganga . we should stop doing such things . we have to protect animals by not hunting them , we have to noe destroy their shelter or house by cutting down trees . save plant by not cutting them or destroying them . we have to not pollute the air by leaving all chemical gases into air
the pollution is the for most thing which should be stopped or else all the animals, plants, water bodies would just get affected by them and they destroy easily. we should stop pollution so that the global warming would reduce and then all the living and non living things can be safe and protected. the pollution is mostly done by the factories and industries by their development. the pollution is really effecting us every much by causing much destruction to man kind and even animals. the pollution is really a big affecting process to us. the pollution is even depleting the ozone layer. this situation can lead to many problem which you and I cannot expect.
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