Let's consider Gandhi ji for this topic

Ghandi expended twenty-one years in South Africa, where his opinionated ideas and powerful essential services were recognized.Ghandi approached South Africa in 1893 after receiving a position at an Indian law company. He witnessed the massacres consigned against the Indians and became familiar with the obligatory inferior quality of, the Indian public in both India and South Africa. He primarily employed nonaggressive civic disobedience in South Africa all the way through the Indian public's scuffle for public privileges.After personally going through some of the prejudiced laws counter to non-whites, he grasped that the mission that lay in the future was enormous. But then again he resolutely took many social prejudgments in his hands and endeavored to settle them in a non-forceful way through mass civic disobedience, using satyagrah, the viewpoint and implementation of non-powerful or civic opposition.

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