I am a star. Being a star really awesome . Being a star u can explore the whole world. When ever people se me they get hope of of confidence and new hopes In there life. Star help u to stand up your dreams. And takes you into a imaginary world?
We all saw a dream in our life and that was to be a good and respectful person. but except this dream we saw another dream and that was to be a great star in our life. when we saw bollywood , hollywood stars in newspapers and in social media we all wanted to be the same we all want to be in place of them. being a star is always a great experience because your fans came to meet you they want your's autograph and take selfie's with you so it was a always great experience for all.

If i wear a star then i put my whole efforts to be a good actor which rules in the heart of audience. if i were a star then i'll firstly help the poor people and increase the literacy rate of India because i want my country as a developed and modern country so if peoples are literate then country easily be a developed country so being a start is awesome experience for me.
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