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I am a star. i have all the abilities and i believe that if people try to bring me down they are already below me . i always pretend that i m the best. i m unique and what makes me different is what makes me beautiful. i m lucky enough to be different i will never change. i m a star and people would not like to see the fake me. they woukd likr to see the real me. and if i m lacking behind then there is another saying that STARS DONT SHINR WITHOUT DARKNESS.

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Everybody always tries to pretend someone he is not. But I am not pretending cause I really am a star. Everybody pretends to be a star but only the real stars shine bright. I don't care if people think I am a star or not what really matters toe that what I think about myself. And I think I am a star. A star that would shine forever. Even if people try to drag me down they won't succeed because you can't drag down a star. Star don't shine without darkness. But if there's too much darkness then the shine of other stars will fake but not mine. Because I am a real star and my shine also is real. But are just pretending to be a star. I want to be me. And I am a star. A star that will shine even in the darkest part of the world.
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