We people can't manage without air, water,food, fabric and asylum. i likewise can't manage without my mom, my family, instruction and great teachers.because air, water, sustenance, fabric and haven are our fundamental needs without which we can't live effectively. what's more, our need is for training to live effectively and acquire cash, to buy sustenance and different things. what's more, we adore our family whom we cherish and can't survive without.

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Well,different people will have different opinioms on this topic.
the thing i cannot live without are my books.they are my best friends.they are always with me .they make me laugh,sad,cry and even frighten.i keeps me books very neat and clean.i never end any of my day without reading any book.reading books is not only my free time job but books are actually my love.i would read books and love them till my last breath.
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