The Social Effects of Digital Technology - Introduction: Digital technology was introduced thanks to numerous technological improvements, which have developed and changed society. As expected Postman (1992), “a new technology does not add or subtract something. It changes everything.” Digital technology is basically any software using or based on the binary code, a coding system using the binary digits 0 and 1 to represent a letter, digit, or character in a computer or any other electronic device. Both households and businesses use this technology for various purposes, such as entertainment, productivity, communication, etc....   [tags: Technology ] 
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Digital Technology - ... Technology exposes us to so much more information faster than ever before. Giving us access to all the information the internet has to provide is our smart technology such as iPhones, tablets, etc. Never before in the history of mankind has the total wealth of knowledge we have accumulated been at the fingertips of most people on earth in one way or another. In his article titled “Society is Dead: We Have Retreated into the iWorld”, Andrew Sullivan says “Technology has given us a universe entirely for ourselves – where the serendipity of meeting a new stranger, hearing a piece of music we would never choose for ourselves or an opinion that might force us to change our mind about somethi...   [tags: internet, social media, digital media] 
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Impact of Digital Technology on an Aspect of Contemporary Culture - Impact of Digital Technology on an Privacy Digital technology has been revolutionizing the world step by step over the past couple of years. The manner in which people interact, communicate and carry out their daily activities has been the highest priority of technological inventions. The internet, for example has caused major changes to the lives of individuals, corporations and the whole world as a whole. There is however some rising concerns over the effects of digital technology on contemporary culture....   [tags: Technology ] 
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