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Sumedh mudgalkar is also known as sushim. he was born on nov 2,1996 and did he is engineering Maharashtra institute of technology (MIT) pune.
right from his early age he had a keen interest in dance..his 1st step was dance maharashtra dance at the age of 15 in 2012. his claim to fame is dance india dance and is know as 'BEAT KING' and even his twitter account is @beatking_sumedh  .... 
then this star got 90% fame and was very popular and thought to be an actor too.he was offered to play raghav's (young ) role in channel v's dil dosti dance and fan is crazy to know more and more about him..from that tym he is a shining star and audience expects him to succeed with flying colours..

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Nick name - Beat King
D.O.B - November2,1996
Age - 18 years
Birthplace - Pune
T.V shows - Dil Dosti Dance, Chakravartin Ashok Samrat
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and its not nick name..its signature name
and he is 19 years...improve ur maths wid ur vocab dear
and its chakravartin ashoka samrat
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