We cannot live without five important things--Air,water,food,clothing and shelter.They are necessary for survival and we can't do without them.Water is necessary as we cannot be thirsty all the time.Air is necessary for breathing.Food is necessary so as to get energy to survive.Clothing is necessary to protect us from various climatic conditions like low temperature.Similarly, Shelter is required for us to stay in otherwise we would die of those disasters.All these things are very important in our life indeed. We have been evolved so that these are our basic necessities.If we do not get any one of them, we will die.So, these are things we cannot do without.
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I think that one thing would be electricity. it is only because we all got addicted to it with out electricity can we live ? that is impossible for us. the electricity if it is not there for at least 10 minutes we would be feel like we lost something special that we need and we search for some alternate. this every time happens for us the electricity if it is not there no one can be because all the equipment's in our home works with the help of electricity only which is really great. for the electricity we dig many mines and obtain coal from it and from that we change it into electric energy. this big process give us a important thing with out which we cannot live. the electricity is really important to us.