For making school a happy place, first of all, be humble and nice with everyone. respect your teachers and friends and talk obedient. and most important, put your mind mainly in studies and always so everywork sincerely. if we are all rounder then everyone will like us and we will be spending a good and happy time in school. sometimes we should enjoy also, and take part in co-curricular activities for our happiness and fun. and last but not the least, keep smiling.
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the school place can become an happy place when you show some interest towards it. the school would become an happy place when you and your class mates are also happy. so be happy as much as you can and make others also happy by cracking jokes also. the school is actually a very good place when you have a good impression on it  then it would become a happy place.
             the school is actually a very happy and cool place where we can enjoy a lot but we think it is a hell and we don't show interest in it but actually it is a very good place to gain knowledge. the school would become a happy place when you have a great interest.
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