Hello Everyone, here I am a Broken Mirror. Well, I wasn't like this at the beginning. I think I must tell you my life story. I was born in a big factory in London. I was at first extracted from an ore. Then I was melted. I can't describe how much painful it was. Then I was beaten into a sheet, then polished. When I was finished, I can say, I was having the finest polish anyone would have seen. From The factory I was taken to a Store. I stayed there for 1 week till a lady came and bought me. When She took me home, then I got to know that she was a princess. She really Liked me and used to pose infront of me. She sometimes tried to talk to me too. I think I was her favorite mirror. She everytime after dressing, used to come infront of me. After sometime I, began to grow old. Untill One day, her servant, by mistake broke me. When she came, she was really angry at him, but was was done, was done. She had no choice, but to throw me. She didn't even think about the years I served her. She asked her servant to throw me. And here I am, telling you my life story, waiting for the day when someone finds me! 

Now You can Expand it and Write it in Your Own Words Have A Nice Day! Good Bye.
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