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They hate school because:
1.some pupils want to be with their parents.
2.some of them don't want to get up early.
3.some of them hate educated.
4.and a few members wanted to play with mobile's ,computer games etc.
There are so many reasons to say.
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People or pupils hate school because:-
1. sometimes they find studying boring and wants to play.
2. they hate schools because they get lots of homework which they have to do at homework and get less time for their fun.
3. if they are naughty or not done homework, they don't want to go to school in fear of punishment.
4. sometimes they get afraid of their competitors or any other classmate and don't want to go to the school.
5. they also sometimes have to get early and do all their works for going to school which they don't like.
6. they go school regularly, so sometimes they get bored and hate going to school and want to visit somewhere else.
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