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People love school because it is the first place where someone explains you a particular concept on a specific day and you get really engrossed listening and enjoying the lesson being thought.
the people who really make you so engrossed are the teachers. they make you feel so comfortable to talk to in early age after parents and later when you grow up in life they are even more important than our own parents.
Friends, this a platform where you get to know how to interact with each other and even come to know about the people who can even hate or even come across people who have a typical mentality.
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People love school because:-
1. they are places were we get knowledge and education.
2. some people like the competition they get in school.
3. we get to learn values and how to be a good human being.
4. we make good friends who love us.
5. it is the place where we learn and enjoy together.
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