Chaulkya dynasty could not extend the beyond narmada river.but beyond the narmada the kannauj was of his. pulkeshi | the king of chaulkya dynasty ruled from vatapi 
 (badami-karnataka) the capital . they expand their kingdom far off. pulkeshi was thier strongest king,who mhad performed ashwamegha  yagna his flag had symbol of varahavtar .after him his son kirtivarma was enthorned. later on his brother manglesh became the  king who had built the ideal temple of vishnu. after him virtuous pulkeshi || came  to throne and ruled for 30 years. he was majestic and valiant soldier. he had won many battles.  first he won laat (south gujarat) and later on gurjar(north gujarat). he won the vengi states  betweenrivers krishna and godavari. he had also won andra pradesh he had decorated his capital vatapi very beautifully.
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