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SP=Rs 270, loss=10%
Solving it in Unitary Method we get,

If CP is Rs100, then SP is Rs90,
If SP is Rs90, then CP is Rs100,
If SP is Re1, then CP is Rs \frac{100}{90} ,
If SP is Rs270, then CP is Rs \frac{100}{90} ×270

By cancelling the terms,
 we get then CP as Rs 300,

Now, CP=Rs 300, SP=Rs 360
Gain= Rs(360-300)= Rs 60

Gain%= ( \frac{Profit}{CP}  ×100)%
          =( \frac{60}{300} ×100)%
Let C.P. be x
                   Therefore, Loss = (10% of x)
                  Therefore,S.P. = C.P.- Loss
By the Problem,
                     270 =9x÷10
Therefore, C.P. = 300

If the man sold it at 360,
                           Amount he would gain = His Profit
                                                            = 60
                          His Gain% ={ (60÷300)×100}%
                                          = 20%