Talk to your grandparents aboit life fifty years ago talk to them as to how the plants,animals,waterbodies and air pollution were cared for or not cared seek the views of the elders and fill in the table about status 50 years ago present status changes happened possible causes how to protect or recover the environment



They ignored that they ever knew the ever growing word pollution.In their era, trees were the best friends and animals were bosom friends.There was no dearth of them.
Water from various sources were directly taken and used for all sort of home and agricultural work.
The never wanted to see today's unhealthy world which is getting difficult to live in.Thats the sad truth they say.Now the world is turning hell.Air pollution and water pollution is a daily issue.Now for example Delhi govt. has made stern rules regarding the use of vehicles to minimise the air pollution.
NOw to protect the environment so dear to us
We should use the 3Rs
Afforestation should be maintained and deforestation should be reduced
Wooden and tree related materials use should be minimised.
Air pollution needs to be checked and water pollution should be reduced as it is the basis of life.
LPG AND CNG like fuels are to be used to reduce air pollution.
Factories should be inspected and warned to check the released chemicals and treat them before releasing them into water and air.
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