I m a parker pen. Me n my sisters n brothers were manufactured in the Parker factory. I had a brilliant and hard body. My refill had a 0.5 mm tip. But today i m living in a garbage heap waiting that my end comes near. Hope i helped u.. Plz mark as the Brainliest answer..
I am a pen. I am used by all the people in their day-to-day life. I am come in many varieties like ink pen, ball pen, gel pen and even water proof pens. my self I mean pen is used by many officials, students and even teachers. I have a strong body mostly made up of steel or plastic. I am really useful thing that students need in their day-to-day life to complete their notes and even to write their exams. suppose a students has to complete his/her notes he would first need me a lot to do his works. so I play a important role in every one's role.