Citizens Believe Greater use of Digital Technology can Improve Justice System, New Accenture Survey Shows 
ARLINGTON, Va; Dec. 9, 2014 – The majority of citizens surveyed by Accenture in seven countries (69 percent) say the increased use of digital technologies could improve the justice system in their countries. In contrast, the vast majority (87 percent) of those respondents who have interacted with the justice system prior to the survey say they have not experienced any benefits from these technologies as they were not available to them during their interaction.
Survey respondents – representing Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States – also believe new digital technologies have the potential to both reduce the processing times of court cases (63 percent) and reduce administrative costs (62 percent). Additionally, 82 percent of citizens said they would be willing to interact with their justice agency using digital technologies either instead of, or in addition to, face-to-face contact. According to the survey, those willing to interact with their justice system via digital technology were especially receptive to using video conferencing technology (67 percent), email (62 percent) and online citizen information portals (59 percent).
“The survey findings show strong support from citizens for technologies that can make interaction with their justice systems more convenient and efficient, while also reducing case processing times and administrative costs,” said James Slessor, who leads Accenture’s global public safety business. “Citizens want increased access to public services and are more inclined to use digital channels to conduct routine government business and manage their interactions with government agencies.”