We eat chocolates because they tastes very sweet and their smell is very nice and we get addicted toward them. they are tasty and we like to eat it as a sweet or desert. we eat them also when we are angry or happy or sorrow.
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Chocolate makes us happy in so many ways, but it also does so much more. It can help calm us down, help us bond with people, and help us feel sophisticated (because yes, sometimes we need to create that illusion). It can basically solve all our problems,eating chocolate gives us very good feeling...many people likes choclate... Even old parents...they too like chocolates....even they will also like to eat chocolates....actually by eating chocolate we can develop our concentration power...nd our attention....if we eat chocolate before exams...we will remember answers which we have already chocolate is good BT eating more chocolates may cause many diseases such a s tooth decay... Etc...thank u:-)
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