Blessed with the ability for free speech and thinking was he,
‘Mahamana’ soon won over many admirers,
Especially the ones with vision and monetary powers,
And a drive to publicize the thought with ‘The Hindustan’
A newspaper, with a goal of a British-free ‘Hindustan’.

Internal strife let him to seek ‘Sanyaasa’,
But the country needed men like him then,
Especially when riots like ‘Chouri-Choura’ did happen,
And with patriots there facing their foreboding fate at the gallows,
In stepped Madan Mohan to save them, a precursor for what was to follow.

A travesty called the Simon Commission was then thrust upon India,
Against whose lip-service all the revolutionaries did join,
And Madan paid back the British with their own coin,
Raising the rallying war cry of ‘Buy Indian’ throughout,
At the Round Table Conference, the Colonials did see their rout.

With ‘Satyameve Jayate’ as his eternal slogan,
Our nation bows to you in eternal gratitude, o’ great Madan !
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