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Thank you for your hard work and dedication, 
Hope you're feeling pride and elation. 
Through your enthusiasm you have learned, 
Our appreciation you have earned.

To work with, you're a true pleasure, 
Your growing skills are more than treasure. 
You'd never sit, argue, and complain, 
Thought of your country, not just own gain.

Example to others, a clear sign, 
At the world stage, you know how to shine. 
We just want to thank you again, 
Your achievements are clearly a ten.

Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya sir,
U have done so many in this spur.
A educationalist you are so fine,
You have made our country shine!

Hope it helps...!!!
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thanks :)
For CBSE expression series rightt???
“ To re-educate my fellow citizens the right way, the Indian way.  
To make them reject the falsehoods the Colonial Masters feed them.
And to make them understand that if towards our ancient culture they do sway,
Then they will soon realize the ancient knowledge that does from this land, stem.”

I looked at Pandit Malaviya in awe. His enthusiasm was infectious to all around him.
“ All that is fine, Panditji. But how do you plan to take on the establishment?” “ It has been going on in my mind for some time now. I’m not saying this on a whim!  
Only by setting up our own alternative to British education, shall I be content.”
“ I will help out in whatever way I can. I already run a college in this city.”
“ My dear Mrs. Besant. I’ll need your help setting up the Benaras Hindu University.”
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