Mahamana is what they called him.
 The Sanskrit verses
his ancestors did sing.
     Listen to Gita
 Is what they taught.
So a life built on Discipline of Action
    is what he sought.
He packed a bag of all
egoism, lust and greed
        one day.
He put it in the river
let it wash away

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 ‘Tell me Bapu, Who is a True Karmayogi?
Asked young Subhash of me as he bid goodbye.’
‘It depends, Subhash Babu’, said I.
Each may be a  Karmayogi in his own way.

You, with your Radical methods.
Sardar, with his Agitational.
Maybe even me, with my Pacifist.
But the only True Karmayogi I know, Is the man Bharat calls Mahamana.’

Because from his stoic nature,
we all have learnt not to grieve.
And from the trials and tribulations of his life,he has learnt,
Not to let the world see world see him grieve.
For a true Yogi knows that it is not the end result that defines him.
But the selfless effort he puts in to try achieving the result.

Knowing fully well that he may not live, to reap the sweet fruits of liberty,
He keeps watering the tree nevertheless.
Nurturing it from seed, to sapling, to young, strong tree,
All the while he himself grows old.
So that future generations can savour a Karmayogi’s heartfelt bless.

He is a Karmayogi who gives up his ambitions,to serve his family in need.
One who hesitates not for a moment to give up his job,so well heeled?
To take on the might British Empire, and put a halt to its insatiable greed. Ready to auction off even the clothes on his back,
Just so that his students will not before the Oppressors, have to ever kneel.

‘And so Subhash, as you set out on your quest to bring down the Empire,
I ask you to follow Pandit Malaviya’s example.
You may have to bear Disrespect, Disgrase and Disease.
But be it Heat or Cold, Insult or Injury,
Like Mahamana you too Subhas Chandra, will have to endure
Then, and only then will you transition into a True Karmayogi’