Let the age of  jayesh be x.
and the difference between the age of anil and jayesh be y years 

Now the age of anil is   x+y
and the age of prashant is x-y    [since jayesh is as younger to anil as he is older to prashant]

now [age of prashant] +[age of anil] = 48
      x+y + x-y = 48
      2x = 48
        x= 24
 age of  jayesh is 24.

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thanks sunitee.but can u solve it by using only one variable rather using xand y both.
sorry i can

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Let jayesh be x yrs older than anil 
so given difference between ages of prashant and anil = 2x
so given 2x = 48
x = 24 so age of jayesh is 24 yrs
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