Who was he? This Educator?
That first expounded the need to expunge a bad education system.
That proposed an Indian way of learning for the country to move forward.
That decided to revive long forgotten traditions back into society.
That stressed the need to understand our culture in its entirety
That decided to set up a university to practice what he preached.

Who was he? This Selfless ‘Sanyasi’?
That quit his lucrative profession overnight, to achieve this vision of his.
That had to auction his belongings to set up the education system he desired.
That had to move heaven and earth to get the land for his beloved university
That had to fight tooth and nail to overthrow a system of education that misguided.
That propounded the symbiosis between patriotism and religion in life.

Who was he? This Visionary?
That tried to recreate the glory days of the once famed Nalanda and Taxila.
That saw common cause between the Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Parsis.
That sought to break down barriers of caste, creed and un-touch-ability from society.
That pioneered social reforms even when it was not fashionable at the time.
That till his dying breath, sought only to better the condition of his fellow Indians.
It was Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, our ‘Mahamana’
It was he.
It was he.
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