I appreciate everything that you do, 
Very helpful and thoughtful too. 
From the beginning, you've been there for us.
When we were down, you were strong like a tree.

We cannot forget your hardwork,
You enhanced others by your leadwork.
Through your enthusiasm you have learned, 
Our appreciation you have earned.

You offer so much, a heart that is kind, 
Thinking to help others, in your beautiful mind. 
Your qualities combined, are extremely rare, 
You wake up each morning, with a smile and care.

You have always been more than our guide, 
Showed us the way, our eyes opened wide. 
Taught us the importance of faith and to serve, 
If we are good, God's home we'll deserve.

Everything you do, we respect and praise, 
You're a wonderful person, you always amaze. 
Wish to say thank you, deep in our heart, 
For so many lives, you're a big part.

At last You are our great Mahamana Malaviya!!
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Oh sorry.. I didnt see in Hindi and I answered 
But I dont know in Hindi now...