Freedom fighters
hear the song of
Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya;
a legendary man
who taught all to sing along.
He handed out the books.
He taught the world the tune.
He gave parts to the women
saying it will be your turn soon.
So sing along to his revolutionary melody
that changed the Nation’s discord
to a Harmonious Society.

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As he sat down with Dr.Ambedkar to draft the Poona Pact he saw,
Their plight, and inside his large heart the thought began to claw,
To uplift the till then ignored, downtrodden.
Back to their rightful place in a modern Indian society.
But not before he had jumped wholeheartedly into Civil Disobedience,
And not even the cruel cells of jail could dull his shining radiance.

‘Purity of the human soul to resist against defilation’, he said.
To give dignity to each person, whichever path they may tread.
And Annie Besant agreed, and the duo did start work on,
The start of a new dawn in Indian enlightenment.
Where only ‘Knowledge imparts immortality’ was the sole objective,
With education for the teeming masses from an Indian perspective.

Thus spake the colossus of Indian society.
The man adored by the masses.
The beloved Madan Mohan Malaviya. India’s reformer-in chief
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