Read the following question and state which type of mirror do you think is used in each case and why? must have seen mirror present in banks and atm centers in which an enlarged image is cooker coverts sunlight into heat with the help of mirror.the concentrated heat is then used as a heat source for cooking.3.satellite dish is designed to receive and amplify weak signals send from communication satellites in space.the mirror is used in the dish to gather the weak signals over a large area and concentrate them on one must have noticed a large mirror at blind driveways,turns and intersections or in parking garage entrances and exists.5.a periscope is an optical device that is used for observing images which are beyond ones line of consist of a tube with mirrors at both ends set parallel to each other at exactly 45 degree.



The 1st one is a concave mirror

2 concave
3 concave
4 convex
and for periscope I think plane mirrors are used