Write a dialogue between you and your friend (in a bout 10 turns)
Discuss the rights of all animals to live with dignity and safety. You may talkabout any animal,for instance how horses are often forced
force to pull carriages when too old and unwell or about the ill-treatment often meted out to street dogs.



Me: Heyy!!
Friend: Hai! By the way, today you seems to be somewhat sad. Is there any reason behind this? What happened dear?
Me: Yes. You are correct. Now a days humanity from the minds of the people is gone in this world. 
Friend: About what you are talking yaar?
Me: About the cruelity that the people show towards animals. Today when i was coming to your home, I saw an incident on the way.
Friend: What's that? I think it must be related to an animal, right?
Me: Yes. Some guys (youth) drove the car with a great speed and hit a buffallo.
Friend: Alas!
Me: Yup. He hitted it with a speed that the car was crushed totally at the front and the bumper was toatlly broken. Just imagine with what a speed he drove it!
Friend: What happend to that buffallo?
Me: It died. The whole road was covered with its blood. It's horns and legs were broken and separated from the body.
Friend: Is anything happened to that young people?
Me: No.They are alright. But their speed leads to the death of a innocent animal.
Friend: What did the owner of that animal did?
Me: He just asked the people to pay money and they paid and went off.
Friend: That's it?
Me: Yes. Today this incident proves that the people just need money. No matter how many lives were being spoil and leads to death in that way.
Friend: True. What the wrong that the animal did? nothing. It's just it's sin to be in this cruel world.
Me: Yes. To avoid these type of incidents, Government have to make some rules and should be implemnt strictly in favour of animals.
Friend: Yup. Just like if anyone did accident as just mentioned in the above they must be punished like to sent to jail for a month along with penalty. (in case, if the fault is in the hands of a person)
Me: Yes. Such that the people will follow safety, traffic, and speed measures which helps to save many lives.
Friend: yeah.
Me: Ok yaar. Time to go. Have to complete my notes. See you tomorrow.
Friend: Bye. See you soon.
Me: Bye. (left)

*This is the incident which was really happened two days back near to our city.

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