Food security system or the Public distribution system PDS consists of central governments procurement and then the distribution of food grains by the state governments., though the special price food shops (rational shops or fair price shops). 1. It is too huge. 2. Too much of corruption. 3. Too many fake papers. A lot of food is stolen and over charged in black market. 4. Ration cards are sold for money. Illiterate consumers, either cannot fight against illegal happenings, or misuse the cards given to them. 5. The bureaucratic procedures are long. 6. In growing cities, the change in addresses and increasing size of new consumers are not handled adequately. 7. Difficulty in deciding the people fit to receive subsidies. Cheating is possible, Also powerty line is not exactly fixed. 8. System efficiency is not good. 9. Perhaps the PDS is not needed to be implemented to that extent. 10. Budget is burdened by this expenditure. 11. It depends also on political situation and decisions some times.