What is the difference between Gorilla and Chimpanzee? - Starting from the body size, gorillas are larger than twice the size of a chimpanzee. - Both of them are primates and have larger brains. - However, chimpanzees have the bigger brain and smaller size, which means that they are more intelligent than gorillas. - Gorillas have prominent arms, chest and thigh muscle mass compared to chimpanzees. - Chimpanzee face is more pink coloured but gorillas face is black. - Chimpanzee has larger ears sticking out of the head but gorilla’s ears are small and direct towards back of the head. - The head, forehead and hump of gorillas are larger, whereas those of chimpanzees are smaller. - Chimpanzees have a unique habit of curling lips is not prominent among gorillas. - Feeding habits are different as gorilla is a herbivore, but chimpanzee is an omnivore. - Lifespan of both animals are comparatively long to many of other animals, but the gorillas live more than chimpanzees. - The social structures are slightly complex in chimpanzees. - However, both gorillas and chimpanzees naturally range exclusively in Africa.