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  A very pleasant morning to our English teacher name and my fellow classmates. Today, I would like to give a speech. The topic of my speech is “The Importance ofyour Science and Technology in Our Lives”. Today, our lives are better than in the past. Do you know why? It is because of the science and technology. Nowadays, we have scientists, inventors, engineers and others in the world. They have made great contributions in our lives. 
         What are Science and technology? Science is the systematic study of nature for the purpose of understanding how it affects our lives and the environment while technology makes our lives easier and more comfortable. Science is important in our daily lives. The food we eat, the instruments we use for communication and the transport we take to move place to place are all related to science. 
          Moreover, technology has improved our lives. We use technology in transportation, communication, agriculture and industry. The advantage of using machines is machines can do our hard work without human. For example, tractors and harvesters enable farmers to save their time and speed up the harvest of crops. Besides, the invention of washing machine also help us to wash the clothes without human energy and save the time too. 
         Furthermore, the invention of vehicles is also good to our lives. Transportation today is faster, more comfortable and convenient than in the past. For example, aeroplanes help us to travel around the world in a few hours. Advancement in science makes the cars and motorcycles more powerful, faster and safer. Besides that, the invention of commuter trains and light rail transit can reduce the number of vehicles on the road and protect the environment from air pollution. Thus, it also helps to reduce the number of traffic jams. 
          On the other hand, the invention of communication tools such as telephones, facsimiles, mobile phones, televisions and computers help us to communicate with other people easier. The launching of communication satellites makes long distance communication possible. Nowadays, telephones and computers also help us to transfer money, pay bills and check our 
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