Advantage: Habitat for Specialized Flora and FaunaAdvantage: Abundance of Soil Nutrients disadvantageLack of water
Disadvantage: Extreme Weather Conditions

The deserts were always misterous . it act as a castle that defend its people ,it was always hard to attack countries that re protected by deserts , the desert although look sad but it always have treasures , i would say there is no desert that do not carry it's own treasure . desert teach patience and courage .the desert is the place that only the strongest can survive . 

the main disadvantage of the desert is the extremity in every thing like temp. it is either  hell or  cold . extreme shortage in food and water , extreme absence of plants . 
the desert look died and any person can get depressed from how it look . 
the people whom live in deserts re bad temper may be because of that . 
me personally ,i dislike the desert.