it is our feelings.without these we
 cant do anything.these help us
 every where.where our parents
,teachersand friends cant help.
our feelings help us everywhere.
if we need to face some problem
and no one is willing to help us
then our courage and dare help
us.if all our friends and family left
us alone and you need to be alone
 then only your faith that they'll
 come back to you will take you
 to half of the way of your wishes.
also our memories sweet and bad
 and funny will make you smile in
 whatever situation you may be .
also your smile leads to many
 good things.some times shy also
 helps someone failed
 in doing what they wanted to do,the
 person would surely get ashamed.
and so he would never ever repeat it, i strongly believe that feelings
 are the things i cannot do without.

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