1.  What is Art ?  What is Craft ? Are Crafts part of Arts ?
2.  What are various arts ?  Name some famous artists and Craftsmen and women. In the old traditional India and contemporary modern India.
3.  What is the current situation for careers in Arts and Crafting ?
4.  Which schools in India teach these ?  What does it take to learn these?  
5.  Can they be learned at home?  Are there books on these ?
6.   Does government encourage these ?  How?
7.  should they be regular courses in schools as optional subjects ? are these vocational courses?
8 .  How good is the financial situation for the artists and craftsmen?
9.  What feelings do you get when you watch arts and crafts?
What is art?
define craft.
what is the role of art in nature?
define colour wheel.
define symmetry in art.