A lot of people hate him because they think he is a horrible person. People think everything in the media is true and honestly if you think that you are a moron. Also maybe if you took time to actually listen to his music instead of complaining about it, maybe you would actually be able to hear it. Justin was 14 when he recorded those songs and just because his voice didn't get as deep as fast as everyone else doesn't mean he sings like a 12 year old girl. And I still have yet to meet a 12 year old girl whose voice is that amazing.

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People hate him because when he was young he had voice like a girl and his haircut was also like a girl. Media always said in the beginning that JB doesn't have a very deep voice and the people think that it is all true and always try to point out mistakes in his singing. And when a couple of people say that he is a really bad singer then others will also think that he is a bad singer because 1 or 2 people can be wrong not everyone. Some people think he is bad because if his face. They think he looks like a girl and his hairstyles are also very weird almost like a girl. People always comment on him. His hairstyles, his face and all about his looks. They never listened to his singing.
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I am also a belieber. I love his voice but the people think his voice is like a girl...
do u think so ??.. i can never accept that.. 
he got an amazing voice.. nd he was my inspiration 2 learn guitar