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When u hv a headache
1. dont panic fr any thing
2. dont expect ppl to not worry about u. they will coz they love u
3. do not watch t.v
4. do not entertain calls and chats.
5. stay away from any gadget.
6. eat healthy
7. wear comfy clothes
8. wear warm clothes
9. do not invite any 1 to home
10. mark as brainliest and ur headache will go
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will surely do 10th
it help my headache shoo.....! 
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1 Don't take tension
2 Don't do any work which uses ur mind
3 Be calm
5 Don't frustrate
6 Don't keep pillow below ur head so that blood can easily reach to ur brain
7 Wash ur face
8 Drink a glass of water
9 Go to a silent place
10 Relax...
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