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What is the one thing you can't do without?

             Is there truly one thing that we could say for each and every individual on the planet that they can't manage without? Obviously, there's oxygen, water, sun. There's unquestionably our earth! On the other hand however, I don't think this inquiry expects answer like those above, we might rather ask: 
       What makes you feel completely miserable if you don't have it?

This inquiry, presents us with a variety of topics to discuss. However, as far as it goes, it won't present us with one, particular answer which would suffice to meet desires of folk all around the globe. 

             Would could it be that I adore in life? I feel that everyone ought to ask themselves about it now and then. It's a trully individual question and answer may be altogether different when different people consider it. For example, I would say: 

I love adapting new things and improving as a man with all that information I pick up. I adore offering my knowledge to others and I cherish when those whom I love are happy with me. I also love being loved.

It's a long way from the most well-known answer. You may hear things like: affection, profession, voyaging, socialising, celebrating, nourishment, offering other some assistance, pushing their limits and many, many more. Everybody is crazy about different things in life, what about you? Let's make a short experiment: 

Think about such a thing yourself, think it now, now. Do you have it? Can you picture what makes your life beautiful? Can you see all the memories that this one thing made unforgettable? Good...

                     Now think what would happen if you lost it? 

             Congrats! You've just found out what you cannot manage without! It might or might not be consistent with other opinions, but it's perfectly cool. What's the most exciting about world is that we are all different, but our dreams are equally important, so love whatever you want and be whatever you think is a great thing to be.


Hey there people! I hope that you enjoyed that, if so, please drop me a comment, hit the thanks button and rate my answer, it's always great to feel appreciated ;) 

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