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2015-12-17T14:09:37+05:30 fav book character is cindrella
2.she is very beautiful
3.i want to be like cindrella
4.i like her acting
5.she is a role model 4 me
6. she is an excellent actress
7she wears good clothes
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lines are too short
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my favorite book is snow white and the seven drafts :
1. there are majorly eight characters in this story.
2. the main character is snow white and other seven drafts.
3. the snow white is a pretty princess who is really good from heart.
4. the snow white is a animal lover.
5. the drafts are really small and even they work in mines.
6. the draft's are really good.
7. the snow white loves animal's a lot.
8. the snow white do like neat ness.
can a 2nd class ka bachha bol lega all this?
kua nahi bhol saktha hey jab who interest dheyga thab bhol saktha hey jii
yes they can speak more than these
thanks for your answer
it's okay and even my pleasure :)