A constitutional right is different from fundamental rights enshrined in part III of the Indian Constitution. The Supreme Court pointed out the difference between a legal right and a fundamental right in number of cases. Some significant differences are:-
(a) A legal right is the offshoot of the ordinary law framed by the legislature, whereas fundamental rights are continued in the condition and are of a transcendental character. These are protected against any violation of any authority.
(b) A Fundamental right cannot be waived, whereas there are instances where a legal right has been violated.
(c) An ordinary legal right can be taken away by the state whereas the fundamental rights are placed beyond the reach of the state except as provided by the constitution

There are many possibilities through which Right to Vote can be revoked. For details please visit EXTRACT FROM CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

Thus, Right to vote is not a fundamental right
Written 20 Mar 2014
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Because it is the duty of the citizens to elect or decide their representative of the country.As in democracy, it is the citizens duty to decide the eligible candidate as their leader or representative in parliament or state legislature.Hope it helps and pls mark as the best answer. :-)
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