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Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said: 

“ I dream of a India free of hunger and want.” 
What can we, the youth of India do to achieve this   

Is this really you, my motherland?
You were once known far and wide, 
As the ‘Golden Bird of the East’, were you not? 
Then why this indelible mark of Hunger on you as a blot? 
Which for centuries altogether has been ravaging you from the inside?
Until there but remains the broken outer shell with a broken soul within.

Try not blaming it on centuries under the outsiders’ yoke. 
For that finger-pointing is useless. It serves no purpose . 
Other than a temporary respite from the fact that we ourselves are to blame.

For not encouraging a collectivist farming method, when individual farms failed. 
For encouraging divisions of the land freely within the family instead of combining. 
For failing to understand the modern technologies of crop yield maximization. For depending year on year, for the fortunes of an angry God of the rains.   

A far-seeing Prime Minister had once said of our country: 
Only India herself can free her citizens from the scourge of poverty and hunger.   
That can only happen if we the youth, go back to the grassroots. 
Understand what plagues our agriculture. Understand why our yields are low. 
Then, and only then can we free our motherland from her eternal hunger pang.
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