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Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The Poet

The first time I heard him speak,
Was the first time I daydreamed.
It was the first time I had heard,
Bejewelled words that he often did speak.

Vajpayee the poet was in a class of his own,
Speaking his mind on topics soft and simple,
But also on issues touchy and taut.
His words though, had a power on their own.  

Often into cryptic messages he went,
Which required layered readings to grasp.
But which once grasped, never let go of the soul,
Until by their will, the ideas became actionable events.  

Vajpayee the poet was like no other,
I can safely surmise He criticized aplenty.
He loved aplenty. Reading his poetry is like reliving the world through his eyes.  

‘On the banks of the Yamuna,
Amidst the rolling grass,
The warm floor of a mud hut beneath you,
And with the mother reciting a holy scripture
This experience is really one of a kind.
Come, expand your mind.’                                         
                                                     --  Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The Parliamentarian
‘One day this man will be Prime Minister’
Said the first Prime Minister then.
So deeply impressed he was,
By the young man’s maiden speech.
With his frenetic enthusiasm, he did concur.  

As the years rolled by, over wins and losses,
The young man grew from strength to strength,
Becoming an orator par-excellence,
One whom even Cicero would have acknowledged,
As the one unafraid to take on political bosses.  

Best Parliamentarian awards accumulated,
And he won accolades from both sides,
Even gave them back in equal measure,
When he called a Prime Minister a ‘Goddess’
His speeches always thoughtful, well cultivated.

Even when staring the fall of his government in the face,
He maintained his composure, and carried on.
Because he had a belief that whatever happens,
Happens for the good of the Individual.
Fate it so happened, again dealt him an ace.    

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The Leader  

Reaching across the aisle came naturally to him.
It is something  I learnt from him.
Even though there is much scope for perfection,
In my awkward style, as compared to the smoothness of his.  

He always rose above the fray, emerging the tallest leader,
But he greeted with a smile, even his most ardent hater.
Took along everyone with him he did,
And made great strides with the support he received.  

I may be Prime Minister of this great country now,
But I’ll never forget his advice to me. And how,
He stood by my side as a rock, during my time of crisis.
All the while extolling me to follow ‘The Raj Dharma’  

The duty of impartiality and honesty, which my great leader practiced.