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Atal Bihari Vajpayee
His contribution to encourage International Peace and harmony

Stabbed in the back he was, the dagger still embedded within.
Betrayed from the opposite side of the border, the hurt still piercing him.
And yet he chose to ignore the pain, to be able to wipe away the tears
Of the countless lives lost in a stalemated war, with the world living in fear. Still, he chose to make another peace offering, an invite to sit and talk,
To try and sort out matters. Instead, the other side again chose to walk.
But it just goes to show the large heartedness of the man, who forgave
Again and again he forgave, hoping a nuclear war he could stave.

With every world leader he met, he raised the burning issues of the hour,
The need to counter the roots of radicalism. The need to snip its poisonous flower.
At the United Nations he said this time and again, but at the time,
The deaf ears of some nations never considered violence a crime.
Still he never gave up, trying his best to maintain friendly relations
With even the most mercurial of neighbours, some of them unstable nations. ‘Good Fences make Good Neighbours’ had said Robert Frost,
And at the time, this thought to his mind, really did cross. 
Only with harmony can come progress he emphasized.
And with his statesman spirit he did achieve those goals of his.
Maybe not peace for ever. Maybe even a fragile peace.
But peace he did achieve, for some time at least.  
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