Atal Bihari Vajpayee
His Contribution in India’s Development  

“American Roads are not Good,
Because America is Rich.
But American is Rich,
Because American Roads are Good.”
                                                           --  John F Kennedy
The thought rang good and true in his mind,
As he gave the go-ahead for a project called the Golden Quadrilateral.
To transform the dusty, pot-hole ridden pathways of yesteryears,
Into the modern, paved roads that India needed for real.
A without a selfish bone in his body, he commissioned,
A project that would come to fruition after many years,
Long after he relinquished his position as chief decision maker.  

‘The roads are skin-deep. What about the rivers? The real arteries?’
With that thought in mind he conceived an even more ambitious project. Something that had never been dreamt of before. Its scale gargantuan.
To eliminate drought, flood, destruction, and to alleviate poverty abject.
One that would if done the right way, change the fate of the nation.
The interlinking of all the rivers of India he had in mind, a new dawn.
But alas, that idea of his, so brilliantly crafted, seems lost in time…      

He was there when his motherland needed him to be with her.
To nurture her, to prod and poke her to perform even better.
In Telecommunications, Information Technology, Defense,
Taking India to the world, with an  acute business sense.
And always had an idea about the pulse of the nation.
But Atal’s sheer patriotism, would certainly be his biggest contribution.