Desert winds blew.
The ground beneath his feet shook.
Smiling Buddha had been a success.

It takes a certain amount of courage,
For the leader of a faltering nation to stand up,
And declare itself a Nuclear Superpower,
Not caring for the world’s umbrage
It takes a leader with a vision,
To prod his country into a growth trajectory
Giving it all the reforms it needs to flourish
So that the citizens may reap the fruits of liberalisation.
It takes a Nuclear Superpower great restraint,
To not fire the first bullet against a prodigal neighbour,
And to still carry on with a mission for peace
Despite dealing with provocations and taints.  

No surprise then that the world did notice,
At the India that shone under the sun.
Led by a man who came from the grass-roots,
Whose heart was pure as a blooming lotus.  
Some may ask then ,
how did he lead India?
The India entering the 21st century  

To them I say this, and I really do believe this:
Ask not how he just led his country?
Ask how he led the world!
Ask how he helped shape the new millennium,  

From delivering a message of peace at the United Nations,
To laying the foundations for the Information Technology boom.
Because he saw the world, as one big interlinked clan,
For displaying grace under fire and  stoicism under stress.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, was truly a millennial man.
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