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Atal Bihari Vajpayee
An Inspiration to Younger Generations
The young man stood unfazed,
On the podium with the stone tiles
The people of his nation broke out into smiles,
When they heard him address the world in Hindi  

Fearless was he, a few years later,
A few years older, but enthused nevertheless,
When he was being arrested, no less.
For speaking his mind against the Emergency.
That really was his greatest strength.
And a source of inspiration for us all.
His ability to rally a nation to his call,
Which responded each time, en-masse.

The fact that he weathered every storm,
Putting on his bravest face;never showed his back.
Always cordial to his adversaries, even during attack.
Those kind of men are a rarity these days.  

One with the ability to get along with everybody
Critics for whom were in the minority, admirers plenty,
And who despite over 40 years in the opposition party,
Never lost his statesmanship ability.
He was a one-of-a-kind Prime Minister.
Perhaps even one of the best our nation has known.
His life and sage will be an inspiration for posterity,
Even long, long after he is gone…