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To start on this topic, we must firstly think about how crime and violence spreads. It is quite easy and convenient to think that bad things are only done by bad people but then again, I believe that nobody is born evil. What causes the crime rate go higher then? Well, remember that in all the corners of the world we can see a similar pattern of violence spreading violence. In other words - people who are victims of abuse, especially if they are children, are more likely to become deliquents than kids from healthy environments. 

This should already give you a good enough reason to think about how does the crime spread. Children are the most vulnerable of all, they are extremely susceptible to influence from the external sources like friends, parents, people who visit their parents, etc. That is precisely the reason why the children should be protected at any cost. The truth is that if we were able to eradicate all of the domestic abuse problems in just one generation, we would most likely end up with a huge drop in crime-rate a couple of years later when those kids would have grown up. 

Violence sparks more violence and therefore leads to crime. Actually, it is not at all an innovative thing to say, the problem is that it is unimaginably hard to stop this cirle from spinning. However, there is one thing that we can do and that we should always remember - the best accomplice of crime is silence. We can never be idle, we can never be silent. If you see a person being abused, shout it out, violence's domain is shadow, let us shed some light on it!
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children are the future so if the children are good then India's future will be also good and if children are bad are crime children so then India's future will also be crime .so we have to make all children crime free and this will happen when all children will go to school and study ,they must be in the guidence of their parents and must be in good surroundings because their brain adopt everything going around in the surroundings so good surroundings means good child and a good nature .

so that's why crime free children of today crime free India of tomorrow.india a large our india totally free from social evils?that question pertains in most our minds.children of today grow up into citizens of that perspective yes crime free children of today leads to a crime free india of tomorrow.

freedom in  india has been both a boon and a curse.a boon ,yes it has freed us from the hands of the greedy british.a curse in the sense that the youth of the 21 century has misused our freedom and has lead their lives into disasters .drugs, abusive practices and family backgrounds have lead them into doing such ill practices. its time to stop all these and its high time they have realized such a thing,for a crime free india .
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Children have the most tender mind and have a tendency to grasp things quickly whether good or bad. Their minds are like clay and it is shaped the way you shape them.
Now-a-days the news channels are flooded with Crimes committed by children, especially teenagers and adolescents. They are termed as Juvenile and they get saved from harsh punishment like death, but what is the main cause behind such increasing crime.
Its because they fall into wrong company and indulge themselves in crime.

It should be the joint effort of parents and all elders to inculcate good habits in children.
Their moral should be boosted so that they are conscious enough to judge what is wrong and what is right for them.
They should realize themselves that whose company is good for them and whose can be harmful for them.
Above all, the children who commit crimes which are too objectionable should be punished so as the other fear to do such crimes.

It should be the effort of all to make India free from her Children commit crime. 
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