One thing we cannot do without

There are many things wothout which we cannot do.Without some things that are essential in our life, our life would lose its importance.We are not talking about basic necessities like air,water,food or shelter here.We are talking about those little things like Kindness, Desire, knowledge, skills or even some people like Friends or parents.They are such little things But they mean a lot in our life.
Friends are like the Best boon God has blessed us with.Without them, our life would be so lonely.They are the one with whom we share our feelings.They are one one who understand us. They are the one whom we want to be with forever.We can share everything with them what we do not share with other people like even parents.We enjoy together and live life to the fullest.We think that Something very nice will happen once in our life.But, truely talking about, those moments spent with friends are the best one.No one can ever replace them.
Friends can be such people that even if we hurt them, they happily accept it.They do not feel bad about something.These are called true friends.True friends are hard to get, only lucky people get them.

"Friendship is the greatest relationship in the world"
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I am seeing this question quite often in brainly nowadays.According to me there are many things without which we can't live without.Some of them are Feelings, Heart,etc Hope it helps an pls mark as the best answer. :-)