There are so freinds of us who if they hear the word Maths just they run away. They dont want to learn maths solve questions and even if some are there in front of whom even solving a maths problem is a crime. Maths is actually a funny and enjoyable subject there is so much if you either know the formulae or theories then you can be on your own. Doing any question. There are some concepts in maths that really drag your confidence down but it is also a part of it. They kind of make you go wierd at times and tye best example is the butifying of the values in trigonometry mostly with students who hate to waste time in butifying. Thank you....!!!!! Mark as brainliest if helpful.. Yours, jahnavi.
Thnk u anaya
I should say thnk u anaya
enduku chellii
because i think like that anaya