Today's girl child will be the mother of tomorrow .She has a great impact on social and economical status of nation .Hence,education is must for children,specially a girl child.Girl education is like sowing a seed which gives rise to cheerful and happy family plan.But today social condition is deteriorating instead of giving them education they are being subjected to suffering like parda system,marriage at early age etc. In some states female infanticide is still prevelent.Various awakening programmes have been launched by the government such as 33% reservation of women in panchayats, jobs,enhanced subsidies to girl enterprenures and various self employment schemes .Beside governments education womens can help in eradicating social evils like dowry system,killing female infanticides ,discrimination in education of girls,child marraige and illeteracy .Girl eucation stimulates educational conciousness among the family members .She can teach the family members.Hence,we can say that educating woman means educating the whole family. 
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