Media is affecting the culture of Pakistan substantially. Pakistani culture has now become a mixture of Indian and Western culture.
Pakistani youth inspired by Indian culture:
Just focusing on Pakistan and India, they are not only two countries but they also represent to different religions and cultures. There exist strong differences between the two countries which are not negligible. Being a part of a Muslim country and representing a very rich culture it’s not acceptable for me to see Indian movies, dramas and music ruining our traditions and customs. Through these things Indian culture has penetrated in our country so much that now it is on the mind of every Pakistani. Girls want to have dresses like they see on Star plus, Sony etc. Boys have started wearing lipstick and most of the times we also see them gossiping about Indian drama’s. Wearing saarees has become so common nowadays. On schools and colleges farewells, sarees are the dress code for all the outgoing classes, on weddings, especially walima functions, we see most of the ladies wearing sarees. Even in the Pakistani dramas, we see women dressed up in saarees and short blouses. Children want to adopt a life style like they see in Indian channels. Not only this, nowadays Holi is commonly played amongst Pakistani youth; for celebrating the completion of their degree, on reunions etc. Wearing ‘bindi’ on forehead has also become a part of dressing on weddings. 
The media of today is exploiting the personalities of new generation. It presents the western world in such a glittering way that anybody can become its victim. I have seen many youngsters who have acquired the western culture like dressing, way of talking and eating…each and every thing reflects their obsession for the western culture. Girls are more comfortable in wearing jeans and short tops than shalwaar kameez. They think they look classy in such clothes. Gowns and stockings are also..