It cannot be denied that Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was one person that never stopped working towards international peace and harmony. He is still remembered around the world for his contribution towards trying to create a friendly atmosphere between the countries India and Pakistan. There is a long standing enmity between these two countries and Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee tried his best to stop this international enmity and create peace and harmony between people of both countries. He once said that “You can change friends but not neighbors”. These famous words are enough to speak a lot about the great statesman Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He did not care about what his fellow politicians said about his steps towards normalizing relations with Pakistan. He started the Lahore bus ride without caring about the reactions of his fellow ministers in the government. He had a dream of creating an atmosphere of international peace and harmony. He was a very popular and non controversial person. He has reached the pinnacle of success as a leader of a country that always desire to be under the leadership of a brave and peaceful person. Many people might think his peaceful nature as his weakness but standing tall in times of diversity makes him one of the bravest people to have walked on earth.

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Due to the god's grace
A pearl was born on dec 25
at lap of the lotus (India) 
Enter into middle-class family 
of school teacher and poet.

As a teenager
flirted with communism
Founder of Jansangh
supported the RSS 
Jailed for opposing british colonial rule

His Fafulous choice of words
perfect touch of sarcasm 
judging the mood of listeners
Effective way of speaking
made him a great orator

A dynamic and versatile genious
Epitome of Hindu tradition
lover of Hindi language
Made contrbutions as a
Writer, Composer and journlist

First to address the U.N.O. in Hindi
seasoned Parliamentarian for past 40 yrs
Served lok sabha for 10 years
First head of government out of congress
Finally became PM of India 

His contributions to India gave him
adorned with “Padma Vibhushan”
Elected as "Best Parliamentarian"
And treated as the real PEARL of bharat
By hounouring him with "Bharat Ratna"

Regarded as spotless meticulous 
statesman of the Indian politics
As non controversial heart throb of India
Proud to say that
The pearl is "Atal Bihari Vajpayee"
Leader of Millennium
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